The first step to solve a problem linked to wildlife is to make a specific diagnosis. We start by making a detailed evaluation of your property to determine and evaluate important factors such as:

  • What specie is involved?
  • Where and how did they get in?
  • Is there a point of return?
  • Identification of the damages and potential contaminations

Once it’s done, our technician will show the results of the expert assessment and will offer you a plan. The procedure will be personalized, thereby perfectly adapted to your particular situation taking into account the particular challenges linked to the animal’s behaviour and the structure of your house.


Once the animal is taken care of, it’s important to clean up the mess they made. Natural wildlife behaviour in the city can cause a lot of damage to your house and a possibly dangerous situation. Our specialists will also advise you regarding the damages and the contaminations inside your house.

The most prevalent contaminations occur in attics, where the isolation has been stamped on, ripped apart and moved. This can cause your heating or air conditioning bill to rise. The attic is also where we find the highest concentrations or potentially harmful urine and fecal matter.

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